PREMIERE – F.U.R.O. – Cuore Selvaggio (OMBRA INTL)

Milano’s Post-Apocalyptic New Wave trio, F.U.R.O. Make their debut on Ombra International with 2 sleazy infectious weapons for the slow and heavy heartthrobs and villains, ‘Poison’ and ‘Cuore Selvaggio’. F.U.R.O., an acronym for For Underground Ritual Only, is an Italian collective formed by two musicians, DJs and producers, in collaboration with the singer Kasbaraine. They have a strong passion for EBM, New Wave, Industrial, and Post-Punk music.The project draws its roots and influences from the imagery of the 80s and 90s Dark and New Wave, while also incorporating elements of club music. F.U.R.O.’s music productions and DJ sets are characterized by solid drums, spacey synths, groovy bass lines, and scratchy distorted guitars. Currently, they have released an EP on Raibano Records, a single in a Various Artists compilation on Nothing Is Real Records and they have two more EPs scheduled to be released in 2024. Get ready to dance and immerse yourself in an atmosphere where darkness and light blend in distorted harmony. F.U.R.O. is more than just a musical creation; it is an invitation to explore the boundaries of darkness and embrace the power of electronic music in all its nuances. Vocals cascade like a phantasmic aura in-between swampy guitars and heavy-weight anvil sized drums. Prepare. Beware. Produced by F.U.R.O. Vocals on ‘Poison’ by Kasbaraine Mixed by Robot Studio Mastered by Sam Berdah at The Wall Artwork by Last Veil

Release Date: 03/07/2024