PREMIERE – ESS O ESS – Voice Inside (English Version) (Not an Animal Records)

Voices inside is a discovery within that begins with the vocals taking us from the now to the past and this stands true to the lyrics. This aptly named track moves from an 80’s synth-pop pad leading its way towards the emergence of an old school electro tom’s rolling its way to create the melody largely constructed synonymously with the drum programming that transcends its way to become a composition that grows into you before you know.

We are happy to welcome “Not an Animal” label back again and this time with the English duo “Jamie Blanco & Chris stoker” aka “ESS O ESS” releases their single-track EP which contains 2 versions (English & French) and 3 remixes from label boss Craig Richards himself, Backwoods and Pink language.

Release date: 23/09/2019

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