PREMIERE – The Emperor Machine – Got to Warm Ride

Andrew Meecham the man behind (The Emperor Machine, Bizarre Inc, Chicken Lips, Future Four) returns but this time under his Emperor Machine guise, with the launch of his much anticipated record label Vertical Tones, the new vinyl hub dedicated to experimental synthesized music. Showcasing discerning sounds in-house from the vault of The Emperor Machine.

Meanwhile Andy Meecham will continue to deliver music on third party record labels, such as Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal where the EP 2500 Vol 1 is out now (Vol 2 already planned to follow), and many other impressive remixes and projects in the pipeline.

The Voltage Controled EP is a comprehensive offering of experimental peak time and back room jams; We Play Perfect and Dry Down the Middle sees a return to the vintage analog sonics, and dusty warped Emperor house made with MPC love. Leggwork is an electronic disco funk cut that sees The Emperor with his multi-instrumentalist head on, locked in a solo jam session full of original Llama Farm studio edge.

We thought the whole package was great but were sucked in by ‘Got to Warm Ride’ which is back to the electronics and modulars with a mid 80s style re-edit of the original unreleased 15 minute track.

The Emperor Machine – Voltage Controled EP – Track-list
A1 We Play Perfect. // A2 Dry Down the Middle // B1 Got to Warm Ride // B2 Leggwork

The sensational 4 track EP will drop in April.

Also coming up… make sure to check out The Emperor Machine’s new DJ live set on Saturday 27th May for Alfresco Festival. (under construction)