PREMIERE – Eluize – Still (Craigie Knowes)

Berlin-based DJ and producer Eluize spends her time writing, creating and curating house, techno, acid, and electro. Her sonic leanings span from dubby and spacious, through euphoric and orchestral, to intense and acidic, incorporating unique blends of traditional instruments, drum machines, synths and pristine vocals. With a touring schedule that regularly takes her across the globe, Eluize has proven herself to be one of the most dynamic, exciting and hard working artists out there.

With releases signed with Night Tide and more, she marches on by venturing with her debut LP on Craigie Knowes. A beautiful 7 track journey through voice and sound which comprises a unique blend of Eluize’s voice, drum machines, and synthesis have built an album that flows between dancefloor hypnotics and melodies that throw you out to drift in a lonely cosmic ocean.

Release date: 08/04/2019

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