PREMIERE – Elliott Lion – The Creeps (Sprechen)

Ticking all the boxes for the Sprechen requirements of ‘off kilter-mutant-cosmic-disco not disco’ style electronic music come this absolute slam dunker from the roarsome Elliott Lion (see what we did there?) which is packing 3 tracks of absolute thumping & pumping yessmate action.

Together Free (Disco) is absolute killer! Like the tougher sibling of a lost Lindstrøm track, this thunders out the blocks with a hooky as heck melody that never lets up & grabs you by the cosmic collar and take you into space whilst also keeping one foot firmly in the murky basements. Proper end of night power puncher!

Title track The Creeps is a big slice of throbbing intergalactic disco tinged mega-ness that punches & kicks like a mule from the get go. Crazy hypnotising with a breakdown thats sounds like The Orb double dropped. This is an absolute power packing hefty hitter of a track.

Parrot closes off this outing and still rides the cosmic train but firmly travels the murky rout of the underground with elements of Belgium Nu-beat hitching a ride. A real peak time ‘lose your shit’ style pumper for fans of Rex The Dog style shenanigans!

Release Date: 29/03/2021

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