PREMIERE – Eliezer & Ackerman – Halalit Ushma Tshuka (Play Pal Music)

After numerous releases in the past 12 months, Tel Aviv based Eliezer, joins us, along with friends of the label, Mufti, Skelseys and Ackerman to deliver ‘Ritmica La Noar’, three guitar laden sonic meditations backed up with remixes from French duo Kimshies, who pushes the tempo and stretches the fabrics weaving together a patchwork of fear and loathing, Modular Project who pulls the guitar and twisted harmonics from ‘Don’t Be’, using them to create a widescreen technicolour opiate laden take and Tyu who rebuilds ‘Halalit Ushma Tshuka’ into a more tribal understated and up-tempo mutant dance rework.

Release Date: 06/05/2022

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