PREMIERE – Modular Project – Electronic Disco (Nothing is Real)

The latest offering from electronic powerhouse “Nothing Is Real” sees label heads Alberto Iovine and Alessandro Fumagalli lay down one of their finest tracks to date while bringing three divergent perspectives to the signature Modular Project sound, showcasing their raw talent and ingenuity that has become synonymous with the Italian label. ‘Electronic Disco’, a new wave-influenced heater built around a muscular groove, has been given the remix treatment by three like-minded producers, Curses, Niv Ast, and Cantor. Fusing the sounds and sentiment of classic synth-pop with the rhythms of contemporary dance music, Modular Project continues to forge a bold new sound that is truly their own.

Opening up the EP, Modular Project’s ’Electronic Disco’ is our pick for today’s premiere which pulls together threads from classic new wave, electro, and contemporary techno to produce an instant classic that is sure to be tearing up dance- floors across the globe as soon as they open up. A masterclass in tension and release, the track builds suspense with glistening arpeggios and rising pads before a heady 4/4 kick takes center stage, driving the momentum forward as vintage synths and vocoder form a melodic counterpoint to the relentless groove.

Release Date: 30/11/2020

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