PREMIERE – Discothèque Sauvage – Pluie (System 11)

System11 Production is pleased to announce the release of their first EP to inaugurate the STM11 label. System11 is a point of gravity in a nebula of artists, professionals, enthusiasts, craftsmen, and technicians. It is in a balance between quality and conviviality that they now structure a network of event production and technical services focusing on audio-visual culture. Among our achievements are the festival of La Vallée Électrique, the System11 VJing Competition, and the Fugitive Short Film Festival, currently taking place.

Having developed close ties with artists performing at their various events over the past 6 years, starting a label to help promote their work on a larger scale was a natural next step.

Each of the three artists of this Various Artists is involved body and soul in the evolution of the current French electronic scene and we are pleased to premiere “Discothèque Sauvage’s”, who has been discreetly spreading its analogical and poetic tracks all over France for years.

Release Date: 10/02/2021

Grab your copy here

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