PREMIERE – Dimitri Veimar – Planet (Dean Grenier Remix) (17 Steps)

17 Steps is a record label owned and A&R’d by Dusky. The Russian DJ “Dimitri Veimar” who has released in turbo recordings, Omnidisc to name a few has taken responsibility to provide the 28th EP of this label with the support of Daniel Avery.

The first track “Planet” opens up with screeching atmospherics, chuggy percussion and a brooding bassline that works its a way towards a breathless synth line perfectly suited for pre-dawn hours. While Dean Grenier’s classy stripped back and speed up flip of the title track retains a crisp four-on-the-floor rhythm tailor-made for the Berlin clubs he calls home.

On the B side, the track ‘Snowfall’ carries on where the A side left off. Electro synths and muffled breaks portray the sounds of a UFO control deck transporting the listener to an otherworldly utopia.

The closing track ‘Alps’ is a stunning downtempo club tool that ends up forming the emotional centerpiece of the EP.

Release date: 03/05/2019

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