PREMIERE – David from Venus ft. Baridi Baridi – Le Secret (Die Jungle Remix) (Jane Music Agency)

Jane Music Agency’s fourth EP, ‘The Secret’ by David From Venus ft. Baridi Baridi is all set for release on 21st August 2020. The EP will include the original track as well as remixes curated by an eclectic group of electronic music artists such as ‘Late Night’, ‘Neil Flynn’, ‘The Note V’, ‘Die Jungle’. Musical versatility is really stretched through this EP, offering a unique breadth of emotion and intensity.

David from Venus is David Garcet’s second project as a solo DJ and producer. ‘The Secret’ interprets his unique musical style perfectly, his penchant for storytelling through a strong beat and dominant voice really comes across here. Combining his love of Electronica with Argentinian music producer Baridi Baridi’s powerful and enchanting voice keeps listeners entranced throughout the track. A slow but empowering musical voyage that moves gracefully and hides depths of emotion just waiting to be delved into.

A powerful remix of ‘The Secret’ done in a progressive style that leads us into the final remix of the EP. Created by Die Jungle, an electronic music producer from Mexico known for track and remix releases on Nein Records and Phisica, to name a couple. His records are his form of personal expression, as such, they are his vision of the world which he crafts passionately into strong melodies, that say everything he needs to say without saying any word at all. He adds a Dark Disco remix to the EP, featuring compelling heavy sounds and a mid-tempo beat which deepens listeners into an unusual musical world of its own.

Release Date: 24/08/2020

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