PREMIERE – Danse Alice – Petit Monde (Each Other Remix) (Newday Everyday)

It looked like a normal night under the stars. In the forest clearing, people were building the stage and setting up the scenery for midnight’s big rave. Alice came to dance but arrived too early to the party. While she was sitting outside the camp she saw a funky monkey jumping right in front of her. She heard a whisper but wasn’t sure, so she started to follow the little monkey. Out of the blue she fell down, or was she climbing up? It all ended very quickly and, to her surprise, nothing seemed to changed around her. On her way back to the camp she started to hear dark, psychedelic electronic music. Very quietly she could hear a mantra saying “Petit Monde… Petit Monde..” She was drawn to the intoxicated voices. As she arrived, she was shocked to find the camp was full of people, all standing still in front of the DJ booth and humming the mantra. Slowly she walked inside. People cleared the way for her to pass all the way to the DJ. Suddenly a strong light appeared and the DJ pointed out at her and shoutedDanse Alice!! And the party started.

Release Date: 24/03/2023

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