PREMIERE – Daniel Monaco – Simple State (Pizzico Records)

It is no secret that Pizzico loves Italo Disco since releases from Sare Havlicek with cult-track “Dragon Flight” to italo-pop “Partire Ritornare” by MA Spaventi are living proof of it. This time with “Daniel Monaco” aka “Daniele Labbate” they did it again but with an afro flavor that merges his musical identity with the label. He provides a four-track EP (two originals and two remixes) that once again highlights Daniel Monaco’s key transition from one-man-band to a DJ/producer.

Our pick for today is the title track “Simple State”, Synth-bass driven track that carefully merges the soundscapes of analog drums with plastic digital synths that float around a melancholic arp and obscure vocals.

Release Date: 20/12/2019

Grab your copy here