PREMIERE – Cycloid Dyaxis – Been Fucked (Fenixfire Records)

Set Your Body Free is the newest release from Cycloid Dyaxis. When This Music Began is a very nice dark italo disco track. This the sound of the eighties, and also very fresh and groundbreaking! As you are put into Hypnosis, stronger rhythms occur as a crossover between limits of your imagination and a wild trip to a orgasm of sounds and melodies. And although it starts very straight forward, Been Fucked is mind-blowing gentle sound aggression.

Unique on it’s own way. As you start listening to Set Your Body Free, a rain of acid sounds start pouring in. Meanwhile, a theme builds up and starts controlling this amazing vibe. The Prophet is your wake-up call wide awake, eyes wide open! Satanic verses, angelic synths (or saints?a, and a vibe to put you from heaven to hell and back! To let you know : The Boogeyman Is Real ! Just relax and enjoy this soundscape. Acid basslines, frightening lyrics, and a huge drive. For the last track on this EP, almost a full long player, we Breakdown Communications (5G Mix) with a breakbeat and some influenced by Art Of Noise synthesizers and melodies. This complete collection is groundbreaking. Every track is unique and of a higher level. Again a masterpiece released on FenixFire Records. FenixFire is always ahead

Release Date: 5/11/2021

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