PREMIERE – Concret & Soni Ceron – Borders (Cubenx Tailwind Remix) (Trafico)

Trafico Music’s next release is a 12-track showcase of artists associated with the label. It features a wealth of unusual, hard to define music that exists in the shadowy regions between various different genres.

Headed up by bosses Concret, it is a label known for synth heavy and left of centre disco and techno grooves laced with the overtones of their local environment. But also for their famous rooftop parties, where a hefty sound system is put through its paces by wild DJs, friends and family members who showcase Mexico’s diverse musical culture. Concret themselves are the Italian- Mexican duo composed of Diego Angelico Escobar and Q-Pha and between them they are a skilled keyboard player and sound designer who always innovate with each release. Their music has featured on their own label, as well as for the likes of Toy Tonics, Nein, Roam, Her Majestys Ship and Wonder Stories and they have received support from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Optimo, Red Axes and Psychemagik to name a few.

Cubenx’s Tailwind Remix of theirs & Soni Ceron’s ‘Borders’ is suitably laden with retro synths and rugged bass ripples that will surely get any floor moving.

Release Date – 31/07/18

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