PREMIERE – Chiara – Rec (Bordello A Parigi)

The summer sun is high in the sky. A cocktail in hand. The soundtrack? Chiara. Steeped in Latin rhythms, produced with the golden touch of Francesco de Bellis (Francisco), this two-tracker is set to a serious groove. Beats chatter and mingle in the evening heat of “Rec” Bass smoothness and brassy blasts are sweetened by Chiara’s vocals before dramatic strings flash like lightning, igniting this already energy-packed encounter.

This two-track EP follows that theatrical touch. Bold keys, echoing the cinematic grandeur of Italy, are supported by dynamic drum patterns as vocal sample circles. Styles spin and spiral, the track twirling between genre tags refusing to be pigeonholed. Elements of East and West glide and pirouette hand in hand across this stunning 7”, Chiara offering the perfect soundtrack to dance from dusk to dawn and we are honoured to premiere “Rec” exclusively.

Release Date: 21/07/2020

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