PREMIERE – Cantillate – Numeric Qualities (Sama Recordings)

Sama Recordings – founded in 2014 by Vienna based DJ/producer/event & radio show host Benedikt Guschlbauer aka Ambient Animal. A record label for advanced audio aspects free of aesthetic or genre-based borders and stands for forward-thinking music, which enriches both body and soul. Amsterdam based musician Cantillate (Jip Van der Duin) who has taken the opportunity to show his obsession for experimental music through the 10th installment of “Sama recordings” Limited Edition Cassette release.

This 6 track composition of organic pieces roams from hypnotic, dub-infused, slo-mo bangers to wavy Electronica with a special twist. Embracing genres that others often determine as Downtempo, Cosmic, Kraut or New Wave and equipped with a great sense for Dub effects and organic grooves, skilled drummer and producer Cantillate creates club music for the open-minded.

Besides playing and creating music, Jip initiated the non-profit organization ”Veldwerk”. Veldwerk is a new group of artists from Amsterdam that gives a stage to alternative electronic (dance) music. Veldwerk mainly organizes parties outside, where they invite artists for a group session, open to everyone that feels invited by the music.

Release date: 07/06/2019

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