PREMIERE – Cadee – Happiness (Undo remix) (Factory City)

Cadee makes his Factor City debut with three great original tracks driven with leftfield electronics and followed by healthy remixes by Jackwasfaster and label honcho Undo.

Cadee is the project through which Diego Cadierno releases his more dancefloor-oriented works.

After more than five years exploring more “brain” fields (IDM, breaks, electro…) with his alias Promising/Youngster, which allowed him to release in labels like Sin Hilo, Nebulae or Several Roots and play live all around Spain, Diego feels the need to go back to his more hedonist roots. This “Happiness” EP is the first released under this moniker.

Opening the record we find “Besta”. A very personal song with sinuous synth lines and filters. The percussions and vocals, along with the bass line drives a hypnotic and deep track. JackWasFaster remix is more raw, edgy, and straight to the dance floor, playing with the original synths and vocals, and adding what sounds like a distorted synthetic mouth harp.

The second track “Moving Circles” it’s a playful and melodic song that captures the essence of Cadee’s approach, teasing the release with its floor-focussed sharp beats and synth stabs.

Closing the Ep the title track “Happiness” is a reflection on the happiness and responsibility of bringing a child into the world. A deep and wide tune with arpeggiated bass riffs, haunting vocals, and vaporous guitars.Undo strips down the original of its more Pop elements, vocals, and guitars, and pays homage to the bass in his remix adding a hypnotic groove and mental synth lines.

Cover by Pedro Noguera. Mastered at The Groove.

Release Date: 17/07/2021

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