PREMIERE – Bufi & Kubebe – El Jockey (feat. Abrao) (TYU Remix) (Duro)

Bufi & Kubebe are pleased to announce the release of “Sternana Remixes,” a package of reinterpretations of their latest collaborative EP, originally released under our sister label, Fauna Reve. This new release showcases the unique visions of Balam, Tyu, Mufit, and Hermetics, who transform the original tracks through their personal styles, taking the musical experience to new and exciting dimensions.

The EP opens strongly with Balam’s remix of “Sternana,” an acidic and energetic track infused with trance vibes. It is followed by Tyu’s remix of “El Jockey,” which blends enveloping drums, resonant basslines, and psychedelic elements to create a hypnotic and captivating atmosphere.

Directly from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mufit arrives with his remix of “Cicatriz,” a deep cut that combines break drums with electrifying bass. To close the release, we have the version by the Argentinean Hermetics of “Sternana,” a catchy and subsonic cut that seduces with its powerful kick and captivating vocal elements.

Release Date: 29/03/2024

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