PREMIERE – Barum Barum – Nie sme Skopje (PMG Tanz Digital)

We are from Skopje (Nie Sme od Skopje) is a local city anthem, with almost two decades of being alive and well in clubs and concerts. It is an ongoing cycle of a song which managed to posess the harts and minds of Skopje’s youth. Written by PMGTD head honcho Mirko Popov it lived up to around 30 remixes, versions and visions of it. Some of those were club and radio hits, some remain undiscovered jwels till this day.

In the recent revival of thee song, we got several new remixes, out of which BarumBarum version is the one standing out. Some people will tell you that it is their most complete song so far and they might be just right. Clear cut minimal production that can crossover dark disco, house, electro and techno dj sets, cleverly vocalised and very much contemporary. A step forward in building of BarumBarum’s unique sound ambition. Definitely the one for the floor.

Release Date: 26/07/2021

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