PREMIERE – Austher – Hybrid Humans (Ulla Records)

After a release that did not go unnoticed on Ulla Records first VA “In Motion”, Austher is back with his debut EP “Hybrid

His first standalone project flirts with a dystopian, transhumanist, and dark-disco-inspired universe. Always blending genres, he subverts the codes of rock and disco with electronic sonorities, to craft his retro-inspired yet resolutely modern sound.

The opening track “Hybrid Humans” sets the stage for the transhumanist journey to come: arpeggiated basslines, catchy leads
and bouncing drums making up for an ambiguous, bitterly naive, track. But the reality check comes quickly. “Mind Threat”
promptly sets for a much darker tone, with heavy-driven basslines, dramatic synths, and intense build-ups.

Abandon all preconceptions you have about the future, and dive into Austher’s transhumanist story!

Release Date: 18/06/2021

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