PREMIERE – Alberto Melloni – Scaleno (Ulla Records)

We’re delighted to welcome italian producer Alberto Melloni on Ulla Records ! With his EP “Scaleno”, he displays the wide array of his production game, going from new beat to italo and synthwave, through 3 original tracks, supported by two remixes from Tech Support and Plexi Glass. The eponymous opening track, “Scaleno”, sounds like an ode to the new beat era, with its punching drum beat, wild sound effects and slamming stabs. Then comes “Blonde”, entwining synths and pads, layed over an heavy rhythm section, the soundtrack to your night spree through the city. Finally, we’re having an uplifting ending with “False Piste”, an explosion of vibrant melodies, navigating somewhere between italo and synthwave. We also wanted some ace remixers on board, so we asked London based Tech Support to put his magic hands on “Blonde”. He delivered an intense, heavy, club-ready remix, with its hypnotic groove and dreamy layers of synths. Then we have newcomers Plexi Glass, hailing from Rennes, who decided to pace it up on “False Piste”, unleashing frantics drums and galloping basslines, making for a supercharged remix. Mastering : Justin Drake – The Bakehouse Studio Artwork : Liorzh Distribution : KMA60 / Chat Noir Distribution

Release Date: 24/02/2023

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