Ukrainian prodigy AIKON is back once again with a four-track collection of new music, embodying the TAU feeling with his own distinct flavour. AIKON’s formidable output has led to release on a bunch of influential platforms, including Renaissance, Diynamic, Multinotes; as well as a series of releases with us here at TAU. Every new drop sees the talented producer evolving his style and pushing it into new areas of creativity. His new EP, This Is Power, continues the progression with four tracks that demonstrate his musicality and ingenuity… The title cut marks the opening of this EP, bringing us into the fold with an undulating low end and enchanting analogue stabs. Wistful pad work counteracts the urgency of the key layers, and AIKON does a fine job of utilising progression to keep the listener engaged throughout. Vocal clips uttering “This is power” creep in halfway through, as the energy remains consistent. One that’s bound to lock the dance floor faithful into a groove… This is followed by ‘Big’, a slow builder with a more subtle intro. A range of sounds and effects coalesce to cultivate an immersive atmosphere, punctuated by spoken word vocals. A short breakdown takes us into the second part of this track, where a simple, entrancing melody works its magic. Then we have ‘Hypnotic’, a track that lives up to its title with mesmerising layers of electronic funk, complemented by a spoken word vocal that adds a human touch. “I like raw, I like deep, I like hypnotic…”, it says. This is a surefire dance floor groover, with a highly impactful breakdown and AIKON’s typically distinct production techniques. A heady mix of soul and rhythm. Lastly, ‘Just Wanna Dance’ is a melancholy roller with engaging vocals telling a story about a club experience – was it a dream or was it real? The energy builds steadily until we encounter a big release after the breakdown. The rhythm is captivating throughout, with the vocals providing a strong narrative from start to end, complementing the ever developing instrumental. AIKON does it again, soul nourishing, funky grooves from a 23rd Century dance floor. Freshness guaranteed…

Release Date: 01/03/2024