PREMIERE – Poulper, Renuna – Don Electron (Ludviq ‘Mental’ Mix) (Bonkers Records)

The first release of the year arrives, welcoming new staggering members to the label, from Argentina: Poulper & Renuna.

Poulper co-founder of Quixotical Records and Renuna duo formed by Cali Burton Y Tots, part of Logia family.

“Palm Tree Walk” is their new Ep made up of two powerful originals and four massive remixes. The second cut of the EP,  is called “Don Electron” with an indie and acid cut, inspired by that subatomic particle that in our electronic physics becomes a god. Dense and fun groove with hybrid synths spinning and the bass station non-stop blending. Pure atoms to dance!

The release is closed by the head of Bonkers Ludviq, , with his  ‘Mental’ version of ‘Don Electron’…. where he gets into our heads with simmering breaks and dense beats, loaded with a shifting percussion and rhythmic keys that plunge you into the nocturnal jungle. Eyes closed and a sensory journey to close this great EP.

Release Date – 04/02/22

Grab your copy here