PREMIERE – Polito – Costume Change (Butter Sessions)

Having debuted on the label in 2020, Butter Sessions welcomes Naarm/Melbourne collective Polito back for their second full EP. A live techno four-piece comprised of producers Robert Downie and Finnian Langham with dancers Arabella Frahn-Starkie and Hillary Goldsmith, Polito describe themselves as “a meeting of improvised contemporary dance and live improvised techno music, working together to create entrancing performance experiences”. In a live setting the stripped down machine rhythms and physical manifestations combine for a modern twist on the producer/dancer combination of rave’s early days.

The Anticipate EP takes its name from the final track’s Kafka-inspired vocals, capturing how Polito present the energy of those live performances through four tracks of techno with a stealthy intensity, seemingly about to ignite at any moment.

In their own words….

“‘Costume Change’ was recorded using a eurorack modular system, TR8-S and Reaktor. The name is a reference to the magical smoke and mirrors imagery that comes to mind when listening to this track. Like there’s something cunning going on behind the scenes. We are distracting you with a raised eyebrow while we load up our next trick’.

Release Date – 10/09/21

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