PREMIERE – Pim Secle – Roboti i gljive (Save for after Midnight)

Pim Secle (aka Vesko Lazović) is a DJ and producer from Montenegro. From an early age, Pim tried to reproduce music he was fascinated and inspired by, from producers like Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, Falco, Kraftwerk and many others. This continues to influence his current style, which is dominated by Dark Italo, Indie Dance sounds from the 80s to the strong TR909 rhythms of the 90s. Pim Secle has so far released his music on record labels such as Nothing Is Real,  Buttress, Engrave and Sinchi.

Here he serves up his latest release on his very own Save For After Midnight label, that he runs with his friend…DJ and producer Buba.

This release os part of their “Brk u Brk series” ….an idea that they conceived as an artistic challenge, to have a single track from 2 different producers with similar tastes on one album. Both the tracks are a ride through the 80s with crazy Juno chords and the indispensable Vocoder.

Release Date – 03/02/23

Grab your copy here