PREMIERE – Pedro Martins & Tempura the Purple Boy – Gyrls in the Jungle (Random Collective Records)

In between all the elements Science has already charted and discovered, there are still many we have not yet identified. Nature, and the universe for that matter, still hides many concepts that we have not yet visited or studied, and there exist combinations of those concepts and elements that we haven’t yet explored. 

In a sense, this work is an ode to that unknown, a fusion of elements from different time periods and places, but that live chemically bound by musical space and time because of the foundations they share, and when put together, create uncharted elements.

the power of collaboration is on full display in this superb set of songs by Portuguese artists Pedro Martins and Tempura the Purple Boy. Each track holds a unique space which then swerves and unfolds in so many surprising and pleasing ways. Calling on influences and reveries of many tastes and times, from dark and gritty downtempo to early 90’s atmospheric jungle. One can sense the symbiosis that was present in the studio. Pedro’s experience as a producer, studio engineer, DJ and manager of Karakter Records and Tempura’s musical and compositional background was a strong and organic mesh, with Tempura laying down grooves and melodies and Pedro building on aesthetics and overall sound.

In the end, every new piece of art is laid on top of a foundation of influences. Yet this record shines unique, in it’s masterful fusion of those origins.

Re-envisioned by 3 artists of massive talent and promise, the remixes fully live up to the quality found in the originals. All of these artists making their debuts on Random Collective. Nada with his dark, atmospheric and extremely compelling remix of Hall of Mirrors. Daniel Hokum concocted a bouncy cut of the same original that is both stripped down and twisted up. Finally, Katabtu caps the EP with an incredibly dreamy and sway inducing rendition of Seismic Activity which he clearly put his soul into, along with a riveting vocal part.

Release Date: 14/07/2022

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