PREMIERE – Panko – Performative (U’re Guay Records)

Milonga Queer is the first LP by Argentinian producer, Dj and visual artist Francisco Gigena aka Panko, released under U´re Guay Records. This album is a gender theory manifesto, with Argentinian musical culture and nostalgia for the dance-floor.

‘Performative’ is the theoretical framework of the album Milonga Queer by Panko. Containing vocals from an interview to Judith Butler, where she talks about queer theory, and genders as social constructions.

In total there are 13 tracks, arranged as a chronicle of bpms, ranging from 95 to 200, and musically fluid -house, techno, indie, dnb-. Contains collaborations: from Imanol, Nico Schneerson, Inda Jani, Samuele De santis, Tinitus and others.

Release Date – 20/05/21