OMBRA INTL Label Showcase (Beirut Fundraiser)

One of the nicest guys in the scene Luca Venezia aka Curses is known for his unique blends of New Wave and Post-Punk with his ghostly vocals and guitars, punctuated with flashes of 80's EBM and New Beat. Whether it's performing live at the late Andrew Weatherall's Convenanza Festival, DJng in the main room at Circoloco DC-10 or indeed his own productions which often exploring the darker side of 80's Italo-disco, he continues to grow legions of new admirers. 

A few years back he launched his own imprint Ombra International and the label soon established itself as a quality outlet for lovers of this unique brand of synth laden, bass guitar inspired electronica. Recently we collaborated with the label and a selection of the Ombra family to support '30 hours for Beirut' with Ballroom Blitz and Palestinian Radio Alhara to raise money for those most affected by recent events in Beirut. Over the course of the coming week we're delighted to share the sets during this radio event via the Sinchi Channel.

We invite you to please donate generously and help those most in need 

Featured artists include Curses, Roe Deers, Günce Acı, Mufti, Local Suicide, Colossio and Amarcord. plus you can hear a bit about the Ombra story, past and present with a few words from Luca himself.

1) How did Ombra come about and what’s the overall vision for the label?

I launched Ombra in 2016 as a platform to bring together music from different countries that shared a similar passion for the dark 80s sounds of new beat, synth, post-punk and Italo. The label has evolved into something very personal now, because this is the music I grew up on and am influenced by, it’s such a particular mush mash of influences that the artists releasing become part of a family.

2) If you had to pick your 3 favourite tracks to someone, so they could get a feel for the label, what would you choose?

So tricky, but...

3)What do you have in the planning for the label for the rest of this year / next?

Because of Covid, had to pause a lot of the releases in the beginning of the year, but now things are now back on track.

Some exciting new music is coming from Istanbul’s Günce Acı, Mexico’s Alf Champion.

Germany’s awesome New Hook Band, Time To Sleep, and Gumm from the Darklove disco gang in Australia... to name a few ;).