Legends – Alan Moore (Knows the score)

We’ve always followed this man , initially for his outstanding contributions to the world of graphic novels ( Watchmen , V for Vendetta , Lost Girls ) , his unwavering support for human equality , and his wonderfully prosaic anarchistic views …. Not to mention coming out on his 40th birthday as a Magician.

However of late news of his latest novel slated for Spring 2016 ‘Jerusalem’ has us. Very excited.

The novel is said to explore the small area of Northampton where Moore grew up, ranging from his own family’s stories to historical events to fantasy, with chapters told in different voices. The author told the New Statesman that there would be a “Lucia Joyce chapter, which is completely incomprehensible … all written in a completely invented sub-Joycean text”, while another chapter would be written in the style of a Samuel Beckett play, and a third would be “a noir crime narrative based upon the Northampton pastor James Hervey, whom I believe was the father of the entire Gothic movement”.