Kappa Cygnidis
(Night Noise)

The final track to be shared from our latest EP ‘ Kappa Cygnids’ on Geneva based label @nightnoisemusic .

EP support from Mylo, Club Bizarre, Amevicious, SHMLSS, Clandestino, Tronik Youth, No Strings Attached, Local Suicide, JP Soul, In Flagranti, Andrew Claristidge, Logan Fisher aka Haules Boules amongst many others

Plus this track ‘Hyperborea’ getting picked out with the seal of approval from Harvey.

01. Kappa Cygnids
02. Hyperborea
03. Kappa Cygnids (Rigopolar remix)
04. Hyperborea (Roliva remix)

Available Now.

The Soviet Union – Anamnesis (Sinchi Remix) (Phantasm Records)

Phantasm is a new vinyl label and collaboration between ourselves and Night Noise, based in Geneva. It kicks off with a strong EP from The Soviet Union aka Richard Baldwin, including classy remixes from Sinchi themselves and In Flagranti. Baldwin has a signature style that is cinematic and synth heavy and has been formed over the last decade plus. Richard pulls his influences from early electronica, 80s film-scores, and shades of techno right up to the present day. This track was first written on a cold evening in December 2010 using a Roland TR707 and JX8P Synth. Our remix included corrugated basslines, long tailed pads and turbulent solar winds which make the original that bit darker and moodier.