Sinchi & Friends 86 – Kincaid

Next up in the Sinchi series is UK producer / dj Kincaid. The Rising star has become one of the hottest names to follow in 2019 with top notch releases on Disco Halal and Futureboogie amongst other labels. In his own words ‘ With this mix I recorded it during a week where I was writing a lot of atmospheric music with a slightly menacing and unsettling undertones to it, so I think that theme really carried over into my track selection for it haha’.

1) Who are you?
Hi I’m Kincaid pronounced (Kin-Kade) just to clear that up as I’ve heard some pretty exotic guesses before. I’m from the UK currently based in London.
2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months?
For me besides a few of the shows I’ve done it’s got to be the work I’ve been able to do with my Dad, who is the vocalist and one half of Blancmange. We recently debuted our live show after being asked to support Creep Show (John Grant/ members of Wrangler & Cabaret Voltaire) on their album tour around the UK. It really was something that will stay with me forever, and it’s now something we are going to be expanding on and taking on the road next year. We have also released a limited run of 350 green vinyls with artwork designed by myself with our latest single ‘Late For Sum’ and all of the previous remixes included exclusively on the record, we have links up on our socials for the last few available.
3) Whats coming up?
I’m doing quite a few all night shows in London which is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. Extended sets have always felt more natural to me and it’s a greta experience to be able to perform somewhere I call home. The next two for those in London, are 9th of November at Oslo Hackney, and 21st December at Colours Hoxton with DJ Fett Burger.
I’m also putting the finishing touches to an EP for Futureboogie at the moment, as well as record labels like Global Warming and Viaggo. Myself and Blancmange will also be releasing more original material together and should be performing live a lot more, hopefully bringing the show outside the UK too.
4) What is your favourite track in the mix?
Only enough it’s one of the more understated tracks I like the most, again I think it really reflected the mood I was in while recording this, Solpara ‘Fungi in Communication’.

5) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months?
Hard decision, the one I’ve kept going back to over and over again has to be Credit 00 ‘Reject’ or another track of that Ep ‘Broken Glass Everywhere’ – great EP all round.

6) What is the Last record you bought?
XY0815 – S/T ( mainly for the track Cleo’s Theme) From Brokntoys through Bandcamp.

7) Do have a number 1 ‘go to’ track?
Ah thats a hard one, every set tends to be pretty different. From one or two recent sets, if its particularly high energy I’ve been really loving Psyche – Uncivilised (12inch Mix)

8) Who or what are your biggest musical influences?
Honestly has to be between my family, particularly my Dad, and my immediate friendship group since Ive been back in London. There’s a real variety of DJs producers who’s own music or tracks in their sets have played a huge part for me recently in inspiring my own writing. Of course there are a host of artists and musicians who’s work has been part of my musical journey, but I’ve realised recently that so much of what I draw from is from the people around me and their musical influences.
9) Name 3 Dj’s / Producers to look out for?
Sower is someone to watch defiantly a great friend of mine who’s really carving out a name for himself as a Dj and a producer based in Bristol, he has regular shows on Noods and I believe he’s starting to do a few more sets on Balamii in London. Truska is another close friend of mine who’s music and sets are something you need to check out, he’s had everyone from Vladimir Ivkovic to the Zenker Brothers playing out his records and for a very good reason. An artist called Jordan who’s writing some great music at the moment that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing through our recent chats, is one to watch for sure, he realised a fantastic vinyl only edit series a while back which is really worth checking out.
10) A ritual before or after playing?
If there is one to hand….I get in a bath…a lovely insight for you there.
11) Favourite bit of kit?
I’ve found that the simplest things for me have been the most fun and useful. Oddly enough my favourite thing has been a VST from G-Force, oddity 2, it’s super intuitive and the sound Is really amazing for a VST, I use it in almost every production. Although since the live tour  I’ve been debating incorporating a few more of the Roland boutiques we used, se-02, and the jp-08 have been particular great to play on and fiddle with.
12) Favourite film score?
I really love the theme to the film French Connection with Gene Hackman.

13) Dream destination?
I’m really into my biology/zoology and I’ve always wanted to visit somewhere like Antartica, even though there is basically nothing living on it…weird one I know.
14) What makes me smile?
peanut butter and David Attenborough….