PREMIERE – Kalipo & Local Suicide – Zig Zag (Back From The Wave Remix) (Hold Your Ground)

Off the back of their hot success from their previous EP ‘Dominator’, esteemed Bavarian producer Kalipo and the renowned Greco-German duo Local Suicide continue their pioneering collaboration by bringing us another impressive EP.

Releasing music conceived and designed for the club, Hold Your Ground, the sub-label of Audiolith, has nurtured the perfect storm for the fusion between Kalipo’s hypnotic and Local Suicide’s post-disco approach to the techno sound. With striking synths that cover a spectrum of notes and bringing back those distinct and seductive vocals that remind us of ‘Dominator,’ their collaboration on both ‘Wunderbar ‘and ‘Zig Zag’ manages to cleverly sync both their styles of production together and demonstrate their take on the new-wave, EBM movement.

French producer, Back From The Wave takes on ‘Zig Zag’. Its paralysing approach to the melody and overwhelming timbre resonates throughout, leaves an  impression full of emotion.

Completing the package are high quality reworks by Italo Brutalo, Mufti and T.M.A.

Release Date – 09/04/20

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