PREMIERE – Hary Shanthi – Sivapuranam / சிவபுராணம் (Sinchi)

The Sinchi label returns with our very own Hary Shanthi, who serves up a deep thinking new single steeped in traditional musicality with remixes from Anatolian Weapons and Stevie R and Parisinos. Once again, this is another not for profit release with all sales donated to the Sinchi Foundation which supports indigenous peoples worldwide.

Indian born Amsterdam resident Hary Shanthi is an earnest sound designer and a lifelong student who experiments with technology. He believes in the Art of Equalization and Management of Varied Frequencies alongside a deep love of crate digging. He brings real truth, meaning and new means of compunction to his music.

In Hary’s own words…. ‘Sivapuranam’ is an attempt to raise the atman of ‘Manickavasagar’ – a 9th century Tamil mystic, poet and Saivite philosopher – by creating the transcendental journey towards becoming one with ‘Siva’ (that which is not) and become nothing. The track aims to prevent you from conceptualising this philosophy but rather feel it through the dematerialisation of all sounds and the merging of cosmic tones, dreamy timbre and synth oscillations which propagate in space and carry the spirit of this philosophy through the language of music.”

The track makes use of old Carnatic instruments such as Tannumai, Tavil, Sitar, Sarawasti Veena, Konnakol (which is the art of performing percussions vocally) and Nadaswaram, and also makes use of percussion which is traditionally played to communicate particular messages over long distances. It makes for a transcendental track richly layered with these instruments as well as sleek synths and a loose, jumbled groove that makes you move.

Release Date 09/04/21

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