PREMIERE – Galatheia – Decata (BarumBarum Remix) (PMZ Tanz Digital)

For their third release, Skopje based label PMG Tanz Digital features a single juxtaposed with two edgier dance floor remixes. Unknown as it may be, the city of Skopje’s electronic music scene has had a long and distinct story briefly condensed in this label’s sonic escapades.

Galatheia is the moniker of Téa Shaldeva. She has worked within the Skopje scene for nearly a decade. Her work spans through different sounds and genres, but it has always been known through its deep sultry grooves, intimate unexpectedness and a specific versatility.

Her new single ’Decata’ is a dreamy breakbeat tune that catches you off guard with its playful singing. She sings: ‘Look at the children, dancing to the nighttime sounds’. Hers is a sublime call for a modern starlit ritual, an expectance of unity that is only beat-given.

Macedonian duo BarumBarum who have previously released for PMG Tanz Digital and our own Sinchi label serve up an excellent remix. Delivering a beat which is made for the dance-floor and accompanied by trance inducing sounds that take the track to another level.

Release Date – 08/02/20

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