PREMIERE – Feller – Strange Night For Hassan (Hard Fist)

A year after the success of the first Princes Of Abzu أبزو موالي release, mystical Lyon based imprint Hard Fist comes back with a superb second volume that is once again dedicated to Arabic cultures.

Like the first compilation, Vol. 2 gathers a strong cast of international artists from Russia, France, Turkey, Germany, Japan and Israel. All are united by a common passion for Middle- Eastern and North African sounds and are fascinated by the deep psychedelic effects of the melodies and the transcendental power of the rhythms. Trying to build cultural bridges across the world, powering connections between dance floor activists, Hard Fist thinks of Princes Of Abzu not only as a compilation but as a tool to give space for expression to local legends like Kaan Duzarat in Istanbul, or upcoming artists such as Linja or Feller who debut here on wax.

The latter closes the EP with ‘Strange Night for Hassan’, a track built on a Darbuka solo played by the percussionist Nadav Dgon and deconstructed by the producer. Supported by strong kicks and rising acid lines, this cut is definitely the most intense of the lot.

Princes Of Abzu is a hedonist movement that cares more about vibes and feelings than borders and nationalities and that is perfectly represented here again with this second offering in the series.

Release Date -09/11/19

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