PREMIERE – DJ .wav – Digital Memory (Too Rough 4 Radio)

Carved out of the deep underbelly of driving electro, beautiful landscapes come to the surface in this 8 track journey Influx EP by DJ .wav. The turbulence of rumbling yet metered rhythms and ice-sharp staccato basslines, layered with FM-synth pads, are only just some of the blended elements this artist, who has released on the labels a friend in need and Special Species Records. The release, by German-based label Too Rough 4 Radio’s Rough Cuts 04, captures club energy with joint forces in moody electro bliss for effective dancefloor weapons for all environments.

We are delighted to premiere our favorite cut “Digital Memory, which brings an emotional layer of electro that creates those hazy but memorable moments on the dancefloor. DJ .wav orchestrates this all with ease, as this cut of 8 in the Influx EP weaves through the far corners of evocative electro landscapes for the German-based label Too Rough 4 Radio’s Rough Cuts 04.

Release Date: 29/03/2021

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