PREMIERE – Ditian – Wildflower (TAU)

Guess who’s back…? Ditian steps back into the fold for TAU with a fresh batch of music that epitomizes the label’s eclectic outlook. Over time TAU has come to represent a difficult-to-define sonic identity and Ditian’s Chaos Is Order EP fits in perfectly with the label’s sound. Ditian has been a busy bee over the past year, with his music picking up strong support from Innervisions. Now he’s back with the TAU family and he’s gifted us with four powerful cuts, ready to ensnare the dance floor.

We begin with the title track. In a world where chaos reigns, perhaps it’s time we all accepted chaos as a form of order?… With this cut Ditian enchants the listener using sombre timbres and a hypnotizing melody. As jaunty notes dance above the moody low end, the beats pump and shakers add movement. A brief breakdown sends us into the twisted main body of the track, where the atmosphere is intensified. Ditian carefully nudges this cut to its final conclusion with plenty of detail and a persistent rhythm that keeps a tight grip until the very end.

Next up is ‘Insignia’, an ominous cut that oozes menace from the start. Slowly but surely the tension increases, giving way to a drama-fueled motif. A break halfway allows a short breather, before we head back into the wilderness. Ditian creates a small but significant shift, altering the course of the track while maintaining the overall feeling. His dexterity is on show throughout this cut, which merges dark moods and irresistible energy in a powerful combination.

Then we have ‘Rebel Stigma’, a brooding track that features a simple yet highly effective riff alongside excellent drum programming. Again, Ditian’s production abilities can be heard loud and clear as he steps away from the traditional dance floor template to create his own unique sound. This cut’s power lies in its simplicity, every element serves a purpose, none of them overcooked or overused.

Release Date: 24/09/2021

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