PREMIERES Vinyl Alert – wAFF – Wormhole

The 99th release on Moon Harbour comes from one of the label’s new school heroes, namely UK artist wAFF. He serves up a brace of brilliant tunes that get complimented by a fine remix from label regular Butch.

A journey of the mind, absent of any space, more like a dream-like experience, phased, of tension and advance, with no end but that which the clock determines.

First out of the blocks is ‘Wormhole’, a rattling, loose limbed percussive house track with playful and wonky synths screwing off into the distance. Always restless and never sitting still, this is a body shaking groove to make whole dance floors move, and as ever the production is as fun as it is functional. Remixing is the one and only prolific music making machine that is Butch. The veteran German-Turk’s most vital version burrows deep into your brain with woodpecker hits pinging about as the flappy drums surf and skate along below in infectious fashion.

wAFF’s other original, ‘Manuka,’ is a nine minute masterpiece that builds tension throughout, never letting up. Streams of white noise release a little pressure, but the crisp, upright drums and swooping synth stabs really keep you on your toes. Deep but physical, it’s another off-kilter charmer from wAFF, and it rounds out another essential EP.

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