PREMIERES Vinyl Alert – Steyoyoke Anniversary Vol.5

Another year, and another birthday has come for Steyoyoke. This year marks their 5th Anniversary, and comes with  a compilation, filled with unique remixes and new faces on the Steyoyoke map. The double vinyl includes tracks provided by some of the most talented producers out there: Slow Hearts, Hraach, MUUI, Fat Sushi, Arjuna Schiks, and Jacob Groening.

We might think, and this isn’t unfounded, that each mix stands alone. They are unique and individual, that’s true, but the whole, through common threads, makes them stronger when communicating with each other. Spacious and monumental, sounds of transcendence adding gravity and lingering with depth. A mechanical approach to the secretive realm of the wonderer. Unworried, and dark at times. Melodies reaching momentum, clinging through synths with strength to the other side that we can’t truly forget, for it exists within us.

Our pick was this beauty from Dahu & MPathy – Abyss  (Jacob Groening Remix)

A sensation that there is something else beyond the ephemeral. The sight through the eyes of the bird from the sky, the silent walk of the beast in the jungle at night, predator and pray. The journey has just began and through the foliage of countless branches a faint light sparkles in the water of the timeless river. The danger is only as real as its fear, for in this land, man and beast dictate their fate.

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