PREMIERE – Da Iguana – Almusiqaa Hi Hayati (Hard Fist)

Hard Fist is back on the scene with a new release from Da Iguana, traveler and producer based in the French West. This 20th release, with its 7 original mixes, snakes around in the mind, like a serpent in the forest.

After a first LP in 2018 on Berlin-based label Ubran Cosmonaut Radio, Da Iguana gained exposure and was allowed to play in Europe and Mexico, and to showcase his countless releases of multicultural psychedelic music, global bass and electro-organic music. Now one of the most prolific producers in the global bass and downtempo scene – more than 100 tracks for the past 4 years – he has been working with many well-known imprints such as Playground records, Serenades, Randome Collective…to name a few. He is known for playing around with groovy bass gimmicks, tribal rhythms, traditional music sampling and real instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, oud or even kalimbas. He also launched his own label, Reptilian Business Records, which is all about psychedelism and multiculturalism: a sneaky reptile mixing roots, genres, styles with open-mindedness & passion at all tempos. 

Present of Future Pasts is a musical stroll, bringing the mind from one place to another. Da Iguana refers to reptilians for a reason: he produces cold blood music, explosive and unpredictable, with synths that have a reptilian scales texture and chameleon colors. In this mini LP you’ll find slow, almost still parts, and suddenly running or undulating, attacking or hiding. 

Release Date – 10/05/23

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