PREMIERE – D.Y.O.R. – Devil’s Way (Cabaret Nocturne Remix) (Rotten City Records)

Alvaro Cabana started Rotten City Records as a positive will against the rotten system that plagued Madrid’s electronic music scene and culture by focusing on establishing synergies among various artists that practice a free creativity road approach in the genres of Balearic fields to krautrock caves to post-punk/Newwave. This dedicated project has reached its third year and it was time to celebrate it by the launch of this remix compilation from a diverse array of Rotten Citizens such as Two Mamarrachos, Sutja Gutierrez, WLDV, Alvaro Cabana & Silicodisco from Spain, Aristidez from Lima, Russian Girls from Iceland, Duncan Gray from UK, Theus Mago & Moisees from Mexico, NewYork/Berliner Curses and Cabaret Nocturne from Brussels

Our pick for today is D.Y.O.R. – ‘Devil’s Way’ (Cabaret Nocturne Remix), a dark melancholy that uses the power of New wave inspired stabs and ghostly vocals for us the rotten citizens to dance away the night.

Release Date: 6/12/2019

Grab your copy here