PREMIERE – Carmen Villain ft. Reshijabe – Olinda Dub (Behua Icara)

Behuá Icára – Healing Rhythms, is an electronic label music compilation series that raises funds for the Amazonian Shipibo Conibo communities in Ucayali, Perú.  Shipibo medicinal leaders practice healing through sound and chants called ÎCAROS, and this is the inspiration point for the label. The name of the compilation, which in Shipibo Conibo means Behua – songs, and Icára – to make healings, which you can interpret as rhythms to heal.

Following the success of the first compilation one year ago, they return with a superb follow up including music an array of exciting collaborations between Shipibo artists and producers, like Peruvian producer Valicha, with Shipibo deceased maestra Panshin Beka also known as Olivia Arévalo “The last Meraya”, Shipibo Rapper Wihtner FaGo with Eomac from Ireland, Reshijabe also known as Olinda Silvano with Carmen Villain who is Norwegian/Mexican plus another track with Ciel from Canada, from Colectivo Shipibas Muralistas Milka, Nimia, and Shipibo artist Rawa collaborating with Peruvian producer Aristidez.

Lots to enjoy here, including this trance inducing wonder from rising star Carmen Villain.

The artwork is based on Shipibo artist Lastenia Canayo aka Pecon Quena and his guardian “The Maquisapa Monkey”, with the graphic designer Beto Prieto, and the Xao Kené pattern by the Shipibo artist Inin Bita.

Release Date – 03/09/21

Grab your copy here