PREMIERE – Auren – Aguonėlė (Skalbiankė)

Aguonėlė (Poppy) was a name of a child who lived somewhere in the fields of Lithuania with her grandparents. The fable says Aguonėlė was haunted by a tricky wolf who kidnapped her and carried into the woods. 

Skalbiankė is a  party series, podcast, and freshly formed label, who have gathered those who have inspired there journey so far. They shared the sample of the ‘Aguonėlė’ story with each artists and this became the conceptual inspiration for each of the tracks on the EP.

Inside you’ll find fine breaks and trance, wavy delicacies and music to let loose and just dance….From drum n bass to techno, a bit of house and downtempo. It’s varied but integral. 

Release Date – 22/09/21

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