PREMIERE – Astroloop – Shooting Star feat. Mufti (New Day Everday)

“Shooting Star” EP by Astroloop has landed on Tel Aviv’s New Day Everyday. Featuring Mufti and a remix by Eliezer. Dive in, or shuttle out…

‘It’s a dark night in Tuscany’s Accona Desert.
A man stares at the sky.

The black horizon reminds him of the depths of his favorite club.
He smells the cigarettes, the beer, the red carpets on the walls.
As he listens, the bouncer shouts at someone to turn off her phone’s flash.

The music is getting louder and louder as a semi italo-disco bass semi acid 303 machine starts to kick in.

He feels his body start moving.

He is being pushed around and around, and the atmosphere is becoming chaotic.
As he gets close to the DJ booth the music stops and the world freezes.

A dazzling light appears. It burns in his eyes.

The DJ jumps over from the stage and lands flat on the ground next to him.

He is back in the desert. alone.
In his hand, a small star waits. Or is it a USB drive?’

Release Date – 07/10/22

Grab your copy here