PREMIERE – Silicodisco – 4 Only (Theus Mago Remix) (Penrose Records)

Penrose returns for the all-important 002. This one comes courtesy of Silicodisco, who you may recognise from recent outings on Curses’ OMBRA Intl. With fresh releases on the horizon with Rotten City and Roam Recordings, the Spaniard kicks off a busy summer with three incredible original tracks here for David Ponziano’s burgeoning Penrose label. Three Originals forms intense and unrelenting groove with the track “Angel of Urano” taking use deep into the dancefloor, ‘Ice blue’ which bounces between planets and a bassline made of pure electroid titanium and last one “4 Only” is a gnarled slab of crisp electro-inspired sweatiness.

Our pick for today premiere is from the Duro Bossman “Theus Mago” with a super creeper roll-on remix.

Release Date: 31/07/2020

Grab your copy here

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