PREMIERE – Brian Ring – Touching Distance (Boys’ Shorts Remix) (Clutching at Straws)

Numero cuatro in the series arrives with Touching Distance- A summertime tour de force effortlessly refined to lure you outside while cleansing you inside. One note guitar licks cozy irresistible gated voxscapes.

Think Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge on the balearen tinged Mulberry Road- Palm Trees, Fire Sunsets and Open Road. Driving, dreamy and subtle come to mind but take a listen for yourself.

The Boys Shorts remix heads straight to the dance floor with a club ready peak time rendition of Touching Distance favoring influences from UK Garage to Acid House, all while adding a rude 303 line that somehow works a treat.

Just like Ancient Philosophy there’s no expansions without contractions, day and night, Yin and Yang. The B Side’s Heartbeat Drive low slung pensive breakbeat Rhythm takes the urgency down like a long lost Dub of a mid 80s Ballad. Just passing Through touches different styles in a culmination of this slightly romantic Art of noiseesque Pop beauty.

Release Date: TBA

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