Hary Shanthi

Indian born Amsterdam resident Hary Shanthi sees DJ’ing as an art of storytelling creating an amalgamation of dark electronica with tribal and ethnic influences. His sonically rich enigmatic tracks lead the dance floor through journeys not spoken but still told. The name “Shanthi”, his mother’s – which means “peaceful soul” is a reminder of his roots and a reflection of the Indian/Buddhism spirituality that Hary channels into his craft as a younger artist with a mature soul.

Hary began DJ’ing 12 years ago. He came onto the scene as India’s youngest DJ to have a release out on an international label (Deepest Dream – UTC Music) which was charted by Seth Troxler. He’s also gained notable residencies in India’s Underground spots, and Antwerp’s thriving underground concept “KLANK”. Reinventing himself at a pace with his reflections on his own identity and new experiences including a personal spiritual journey back to the ancient Indian and Persian instruments of his homeland, Hary’s lost soul finally found a home in Europe. His physical and psychological transitions are evident in his music lending a darkness, density and complexity to his sound.

Shanthi is a shy, deeply earnest musician and a lifelong student. He experiments with technology believing in the art of equalization and management of varied frequencies paired with an intense attention to art of crate digging. His techniques transcend his philosophical values to create magnetic, improvised musical stories that elevate the listener to a state of optimism, if not bliss.

Hary’s latest stories mix the unexpected with the familiar transforming his beat-led structure into a darker contemporary and cosmic mood. With that, Hary turns the role of a DJ into the responsibility of a spiritual educator, the result is mercurial. His splices generate a constantly changing set adding a sense of adventure while leaving the night open as a story for your own soul to write.