22ROCKETS is a born and raised Berlin boy who grew up in the south-east side of the city beside the lake Müggelsee. In the late 90s he experienced the last years of the unpretentious Berliner Party Golden Age and  later became a key figure in the underground scene, organising free open-air raves in parks, as well as illegal  party’s in a basement of an old granary in Kreuzberg with his collective, 4Augenvögeln. 

In his mid 20s he went to India and spent a half year residency in a cultural organisation to create an exchange between the Indian and German electronic music scene. At the same time, he was then exposed to a mix tape by Hardway Bros aka Sean Johnston and decided to bring this ‘New Disco’ and ‘Slo-mo House’ sound back to Berlin. At Wilde Renate he founded and promoted the ‘Spank Me Disko’ parties and other events, which hosted a slew of promising artists and came to define the future sound of the club. He also founded ‘Radio Renate’ (a live show podcast series) and then the renowned ‘Voyage Voyage’ parties in 2010 with his partner The Swift, which featured a wide range of music from cosmic and chuggy disco to house and techno. For eight years the party showcased premier and unique live acts, as well as artist performances and installations which expanded the horizons of the Berlin electronic music scene. Their journey ended at the Renate in December 2018 and the future of Voyage Voyage is unwritten. The next step is to take the Voyage concept on the road and showcase the concept around the world. Furthermore, he also is responsible for booking the ‘Fête de la Musique’ event at Renate’s sister open air venue ELSE, which consisted of an eclectic mix of live bands and his own after show marathon DJ sets. 

22ROCKETS sound cannot be packed into any box. His musical selections are inspired by music from all corners of the globe and he changes genres and vibes often to fit his mood and emotional landscape, his only limitation being avoiding getting stuck in a loop of repetition. 

After 10 years of Renate loyalty and 8 years of Voyage Voyage glory, he is now focusing on his own work and collaboration with other musicians in the studio. Look for his first releases in 2019.

Photo Credit – Jacopo Arcucci