PREMIERE – Franz Matthews – The Monsters Of Your Mind (Aeon)

and the question still is: “Where does it all begin?“

Well, AEON invites you to kickstart the year with the unveiling of Franz Matthews’ debut
EP. Renowned for his contributions to HIFI/LOFI and Roam, Matthieu graces us with two
enchanting Indie Dance tracks, adorned with soulful vocals destined for both the
pulsating rhythm of clubs and the airwaves.

In the realm of “Where does it all begin? discover a more jubilant tone, beckoning you to
dance under the sun. Meanwhile, “Monsters Of Your Mind” embraces a darker and
melancholic ambiance, tailor-made for the captivating late-night hours.
Elevating the experience, remixes emerge from AEON’s accomplished artists. AEON head
honcho Alex Niggemann takes the reins, infusing “Where does it all begin?” with his
signature housey and melodic flair. On the flip side, Kimshies immerses “Monsters Of
Your Mind” in their distinctive style, crafting a mesmerizing slow-dancer that captures the
essence of the night.

Release Date: 16/02/2024

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