PREMIERE – Tagliabue – Preascolto 3

Tagliabue releases Disco Preascolto with three new Cosmic and Contemporary original tracks.

This release is a musical journey inspired by the Italian Progressive scenario of the 90s. In the middle of that period, disc jockeys used to play trance records at a lower speed (33.3 instead of 45 RPM) to warm the audience at the beginning of the party. Hence the term preascolto which means the initial listening or introduction.

In the words of Tagliabue…

‘This EP is dedicated to the Dance. There once was the Dance, a feeling that now seems so distant. Dance is the breath of the Universe. Particles vibrate and galaxies move, everything floats and dances in a movement that is Energy and Life. Disco Preascolto is the sound of a new beginning. We are projected into a new era, We’ll live with a new speed, deep rhythms and meditative pulsations. Since ancient times, Dance is part of the ritual of our lives, a moment of aggregation between people celebrating and socializing through it: We cannot do without it, We are bodies that attract’.

Release Date – 08/01/21

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